Welcome to The Carolina Experience

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My team and I are passionate about consistency, hospitality and most importantly exploration. Specifically, exploration of places, spaces and fresh ideas and concepts.

The Carolina Experience came from the exploration of the idea of destination accommodations; temporary lodging. Our team is obsessed with how much more that can mean, and have dedicated ourselves to bringing our vision to life for destination-seekers like you.

We know when you spend time away from home, it’s so hard to guarantee the same level of care, cleanliness and warmth that you infuse into your own surroundings. Our team knows how important that is, and our promise is that you won’t be disappointed in the spaces we have created with that in mind.

We love the great state of North Carolina and cannot wait to host you in the amazing communities where we have made our homes. Whether exploration and adventure await you, new sites and excursions or just a change of scenery while you continue your daily hustle, we have created the perfect experience for you and the people you love.
There is so much on the horizon we can’t wait to share with you, and are so glad to have you along for the journey. So stay, play and enjoy our beautiful destination locations.

We can’t wait to keep exploring with you.


Steve Hetherington
The Carolina Experience, CEO