Sustainability with Jon White, Director of Real Estate Development & Construction

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1. What TCE sustainability initiative are you most proud of?
I am proud of our 2021-2022 ESG report.  For a small startup in the hospitality space, the fact that we have a report at all is an accomplishment.  More than that, we have initiatives in progress that touch on all material areas as it pertains to ESG.  For such a young startup this is a big deal since our ESG report shows a level of ESG maturity and commitment that many well established companies in the hospitality sector have not yet achieved.
2. What is your next sustainability goal for TCE properties/operations?
Completing our 2022-2023 ESG report so that we can see how we performed on our ESG goals for last year and so that we can set new goals for the coming year.  I am anxious to see how well we did.  Off hand I can think of a few key things that happened, such as the install of the solar panels, air purification systems, and water filtration systems at Three Trails, as well as the overall incorporation of more sustainable vendors into our supply chain.  With the enhanced Green Building tax incentives from the Inflation Reduction Act we are hoping to not only continue our existing sustainability initiatives, but also introduce new ones.
3. Who are some of your favorite partners in the sustainability space?
High Country Energy Solutions and Sustainable Travel International have been great partners so far on this journey.
4. Why is sustainability important to you? 
It’s the only KPI that really matters.  No matter how well you perform as a company, if your business is not sustainable then by definition it is designed to fail.
5. What sustainability practices do you integrate into your personal life?
Indoor air quality and energy efficiency is huge for us at home.  We recently purchased a home that was built in the 80’s and upgraded the HVAC system to a high efficiency system.  Also reducing our carbon footprint by living in a neighborhood that is highly walkable and where everything we need is only a short drive from our home.
6. Is there a company engaging in sustainability initiatives and efforts that you find impressive?
I love the work that Stok is doing in this space.  The Sustainable Real Estate Program Handbook that they put out back in October of 2021 was hugely helpful as in putting together initial thoughts around an ESG framework for our portfolio.