Southern Pines Hosts US Open: A Blend of Golf, Hospitality, and Crafted Cocktails

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As the excitement builds for this year’s US Open in Southern Pines, North Carolina, golf enthusiasts and spectators alike are eager to experience the perfect blend of golf, hospitality, and crafted cocktails. With the tournament set against the backdrop of Southern Pines’ picturesque landscape, anticipation is high for an unforgettable event.


Southern Pines, known for its lush green fairways and towering pine trees, provides an idyllic setting for one of golf’s most prestigious events. From June 13th to June 16th, players from around the world will converge on this charming town to test their skills on the challenging course.


For spectators looking to elevate their experience, the 1901 lounge awaits at The Jefferson Inn, offering a warm Southern welcome and a menu of expertly crafted cocktails. From classic favorites to innovative creations, there’s something to suit every taste, ensuring that every sip is a delight. This blend of hospitality and mixology sets the stage for an unforgettable viewing experience.


As players tee off on the course, spectators can relax in the comfort of the lounge, where strategically placed television screens provide live coverage of the tournament. This allows guests to stay up-to-date with the action while enjoying the camaraderie of fellow fans and the hospitality of Southern Pines.


But the allure of Southern Pines extends beyond the golf course and the lounge. With its charming downtown area and vibrant cultural scene, there’s plenty to see and do between rounds. From boutique shops to art galleries, there’s no shortage of attractions to explore, making Southern Pines the perfect destination for golf enthusiasts and adventure seekers alike. Our property, The Jefferson Inn, is sitting right in the heart of the downtown district, making it so convenient and walking distance from it all!


As the tournament draws to a close and the final putt is sunk, the legacy of this year’s US Open in Southern Pines will live on. From the unforgettable moments on the course to the expertly crafted cocktails in the 1901 lounge at The Jefferson Inn, this year’s event promises to be an experience like no other.


In conclusion, Southern Pines offers the perfect blend of golf, hospitality, and crafted cocktails for this year’s US Open. With its picturesque setting, charming downtown, and warm Southern welcome, it’s no wonder why this town has been chosen as the host. So whether you’re a seasoned golfer or a casual fan, make your plans to join us at The Jefferson inn at Southern Pines for a week of excitement, camaraderie, and unforgettable memories. Cheers to golf, hospitality, and the magic of Southern Pines!