Perfect Peace

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I grew up in North Carolina, in a small town called Kernersville, located between Winston-Salem and Greensboro. stays were typically Brunswick County beaches, somewhere along the Blue Ridge Parkway, or any lake my daddy could find to put his boat in the water. When I heard we were buying properties in Edenton I thought “I’ve lived here my entire life and I’ve never even heard of Edenton.” I couldn’t imagine what the small town had to offer. But post renovations we held a team meeting at the Inns. Our crew stayed at the Captain’s Quarters and from the moment I stepped on the property I was in love. As we sat on the porch at night, it was quiet, with only an occasional car passing and the steady swoosh of the porch fan. We laughed and talked and for that evening, everything seemed simpler. The next day we held a productive meeting at The Granville Queen and Jeanne, our Innkeeper made the most delicious butter cake. As we walked by the water towards a diner for lunch, the wind coming off the water blew in my hair, the sun was warm on my face and I thought to myself……..this is what Edenton has to offer……perfect peace. The feeling of calm in a world of chaos, a place to escape and enjoy the moment.