1901 Lounge at The Jefferson Inn

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After a year of renovations and improvements, I am thrilled to announce the return of The Jefferson Inn bar to its rightful place in the center of Southern Pines.


Due to the extent of the changes we have made it became clear that a new moniker was necessary to distinguish this new establishment from the old. “1901 Lounge” is the name that felt the most appropriate, as a nod to the deep history and character this site has had for well over a century.


Though I have only been a part of The Jefferson for a short time, I have been shown time and time again just how special this place is for so many in this community. I grew up in a very small town myself and feel an immense amount of pride and responsibility to make sure this spot remains an establishment where all members of this town feel welcome. I am committed to hearing the reviews and suggestions to everyone who sits down for a drink here, with the confidence that The Jefferson’s best days are still ahead of it.


When we welcome guests back in just a few weeks I think they will find that all the charm and beauty of the original construction has been retained. The renovations and decor they will see reflect the original heyday of the bar at the turn of the century and enhance the feeling of history in the building. With the help of our bar manager, Jordan Ervin, we have designed the drinks to incorporate elements of cocktails that we think The Jefferson might have served in the early 1900’s, but with a distinctively modern flair. I have no doubt that our offerings will quickly become the favorite drinks of many people all over town.


If you will be a new guest of ours, welcome. If you will be a returning regular, thank you for giving us a chance to be your favorite bar again. I hope everyone who comes here finds a drink, a warmth and an atmosphere that feels deeply familiar but also refreshingly new.


Welcome back to the 1901 Lounge.


Jesse Tutor

General Manager

The Jefferson Inn & 1901 Lounge